Prelude To the Cataclysm

by Nefirum

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Our first EP, exploring various styles; conjurations of new and old, since our reformation in 2012.

Self-produced and distributed, limited to 100 copies.


Krihlus - Vocals
Lvcivs - Guitars
Heineman - Guitars
Virgoni - Bass
Chent (Salyer) - Drums


released November 1, 2015

All music written and performed by Nefirum
Except: Track 2, written by former guitarist, Malvanon (Priests of Ba'al)
Lyrics written by Krihlus, and Malvanon (Track 2)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Krihlus
Drums recorded by Benjamin Harvey, at [Axel Harvey] Productions
Artwork by Krihlus, band photo by Paizlee Sieli



all rights reserved


Nefirum Kansas City, Missouri

Krihlus - Vocals
Lvcivs - Guitars
Heineman - Guitars
Salyer - Drums

For ALL serious inquiries (booking, features, interviews, etc.), please message us through our Facebook below.

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Track Name: Unto the Altar of Insanity
Residing in your madness
Devious flames birth within
Surrender your senses
Divulse your mind
From this past life

Embrace Psychosis
Rid truth with nonsense
Find solace through inquination
Accept your degeneration

Wander this weary earth
Witness the grandest of man's failures
Abandon them - As they once did you...

The flesh tears away
This voidic hunger never fills
The altar claims my ipseity

Cold grasp of exile
Can't escape this elusive mania
The mortal soul, forever lost in time
A bloody relic is all that remains

Embrace psychosis,
As bloodscent overwhelms,
The black horizon swells before you
The necropotent gods, insidiously agog

Blind and blessed by hell's divine corruption
You submit to your primal id
Track Name: Primordial Source of Malevolent Quintessence
In the blackest depths of sleep
When my mind is far away, a power pulls at me

It shatters my dreams, engulfing my mind
With radiant clarity
The incarnate essence of hatred

Exalt the splendor of
Obeisance to infinite blackness
Extol the ascendancy
Of infernal dominion

This presence beseeches, to the erudite few
A grand design, to purge white from the grey

This presence before me, alien to those unsought
Permeates all existence, a fundamental cosmic force

My destiny decided, long before my birth
My mind the vessel, receiver of fathomless wisdom
Reality laid, bare before my eyes
Verity of my purpose, I am transformed

Exalt the splendor of
Obeisance to infinite blackness
Extol the ascendancy
Of infernal dominion
Track Name: Cauldron Born
Ancient legions crawl, out from the deep
An antlerian lich, commands with a harrowing gleam
Specters of flight consume the spheres of time
Until skies grow black with obsidian wings

Wargods clench tight,
with endless infernal might
Enslaving the light of man,
A passion for barren lands

Visions that drive
Broken and lost minds
What once was...
Will never be again

The glow of a fortress poisons the sky
Raping the heavens of a doomed twilight
Track Name: Frostbitten Amputation
Air is dead - senses benumbed
Storms overhead harbor my doom
Clad in rime, I writhe in entrapment
These icy wastes, forever my tomb

This crystal graveyard claims another
No earthly mortal can undo nature's ode
This desolate curse, we suffer

Frigid winds suspend the gloaming fog
Icy veils enshroud rusted carnage
My cortex cracks, congeals, and shatters
Hungry wolves hunt for my dying breath

Growing yowls, disturb my passing
My fate may rest in gluttony

The ancient calls from the ether
A dormant, sacred fire unleashed
As the dawn awakens
I feel my torpid vigor return

Left behind, the limbs that hinder
Buried inside this fucking morbid winter
My bones exposed, to the pierce of puissant cold
How am I alive?

Groveling towards auras of hope
Out of barren lands, frozen in old
My ancestors above; instruments of triumph
Their conjured path of freedom ignites
Track Name: Chatoyant Abyss
In cold lands devoid of comfort
The fire burns, evermore
Where time lies dormant still
A pulse felt from afar

Daylight's rays defile my soul
An adumbral craving grasps ahold

Deafened by mournful cries
A Chatoyant Abyss - Yearns for your demise

Lurking below all, you're mine to enthrall
Malevolent Abyss - Deipotent Control

Visions grip with funest deceit
Hell-fissures breathe under my feet
Chilling blast of plague expends
Vesuvian ashes billow and spread

Assimilation with soulless breath
I guard this path, obsessed with vengeance
In spectral realms , I lie in wait
To break the savage hands that tried to take me