Frostbitten Amputation

from by Nefirum



Air is dead - senses benumbed
Storms overhead harbor my doom
Clad in rime, I writhe in entrapment
These icy wastes, forever my tomb

This crystal graveyard claims another
No earthly mortal can undo nature's ode
This desolate curse, we suffer

Frigid winds suspend the gloaming fog
Icy veils enshroud rusted carnage
My cortex cracks, congeals, and shatters
Hungry wolves hunt for my dying breath

Growing yowls, disturb my passing
My fate may rest in gluttony

The ancient calls from the ether
A dormant, sacred fire unleashed
As the dawn awakens
I feel my torpid vigor return

Left behind, the limbs that hinder
Buried inside this fucking morbid winter
My bones exposed, to the pierce of puissant cold
How am I alive?

Groveling towards auras of hope
Out of barren lands, frozen in old
My ancestors above; instruments of triumph
Their conjured path of freedom ignites


from Prelude To the Cataclysm, released November 1, 2015
Lvcivs(Louis DiTullio)



all rights reserved


Nefirum Kansas City, Missouri

Krihlus - Vocals
Lvcivs - Guitars
Heineman - Guitars
Salyer - Drums

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